Iran Mesr Desert

Iran Mesr Desert

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Iran is its deserts. Mesr Desert is located 430 km away from Isfahan, Iran. It is very easy to access the Mesr Desert. You can get there from Isfahan, Yazd, and Tehran but it is closer to Yazd city.

Even if you do not like deserts at all, you cannot stop falling in love with Mesr Desert while visiting.This dessert has been characterized by its sand hills. The presence of these sandy hills makes the area attractive to tourists especially those who are interested in hill climbing and watching its stunning sunset. Just take your shoes off, walk on the sand, and enjoy feeling a pure nature.

Mesr Desert is located next to a village with the same name (in Persian language Mesr means “Egypt”). The facilities provided by the locals in the area include off-road SUMS, camel riding, and motor riding but definitely hill climbing and walking on the sand are the main attractions of this area.

September to December when the weather is getting cooler is the best time to travel to the Mesr Desert. You can spend a quiet night in the heart of the desert in beautiful native accommodation, forget the noisy cities and enjoy every moment of your wonderful trip. Mesr Desert is one of the highlights in Iranian tours. 

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Location on Map

Mesr Desert to Isfahan City. 5 h 19 min. by car. 🚗

Mesr Desert to Yazd City 4 h 28 min. by car. 🚗

Mesr Desert to Naein City. 3 h 22 min. by car. 🚗

Mesr Desert to Kashan City. 5 h 25 min. by car. 🚗

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