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Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, a museum of calligraphy patterns and Islamic architecture, is one great highlight and a top visitor attraction in Isfahan, Iran. Jameh Mosque of Isfahan listed in UNESCO as a World Heritage Attraction; widely known by locals as Masjed-e Jameh Esfahan, is one congregational mosque like any of which we have almost in the all known cities in Iran, but truly this prominent attraction is the largest mosque with the dimension of 20,000 sq meters in Iran.
Centuries of Islamic architecture from the geometric elegance of the Seljuks to the refinement of the Safavid era are put together to have the biggest Jameh mosque of Iran. Multi entrances, multi-Iwans, and domes are used in the construction of the mosque. On each side of the mosque you walk to, a phenomenal artwork is to visit, the great dome of Nezam al-Molk, which is flanked by Seljuk-era prayer, Taj al-Molk Dome; the finest considered brick dome Persia wide.
A masterpiece of artwork in the mosque is the niche of Uljeitu, which remains from the 14th century, as an astonishing niche located in the Room of Sultan Uljeitu, ask the keep guard to unlock the door if closed.
Behind each of Iwan, there are halls used in different seasons of the year. From the Sassanid era (by Zoroaster’s) till today religious activity is alive here in the mosque.
The mosque is located in Imam Ali Square and almost the ending point of the Great Bazaar of Isfahan. All-day long except the praying hours, it is open to visitors. Jameh Mosque is well located and it is reachable by public transports such as taxi and buses.

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