Kashan city

Kashan, the city of rosewater, is recognized to be of the very primary centers of Civilizations in the Iranian Plateau. Sialk Hills the ruins of the Elamite Ziggurat dates back to almost 7,000 years ago.
Kashan preserved its unique urban design and traditional architectural features. This beautiful and touristic city offers a variety of attractions to visitors from Fin Garden that is a UNESCO Heritage Site, to its magnificent historical houses such as Tabatabaei, Borujerdiha, Ameriha, and Abbasi houses which were belong to the famous merchants of the Kashan.
Aqa Bozorg Mosque and Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse are the other famous attractions of Kashan with their unique architecture and plan. After TehranShiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan, Kashan is a common destination for travelers because of its numerous attractions and location that is situated between Isfahan and Tehran.

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