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Explore the beauty of deserts in Iran by Behinburg Tours. Almost 2/3 of Iran is covered by deserts and there are desert spots unique in kind to visit in your tour to Iran.
As a Traveler to Iran, you can either ask a tour package including one of the desert tours below, or even if you are traveling on your own you can ask for any of Iran desert tour by Behinburg Travel Agency for a day or two as a solo trip.  
The good news is that these desert trips are spread across Iran and they are very close to the major cities in Iran that for sure in your visit Iran you will go to these cities.

Iran desert Tour
Khur, Biabanak & Mesr Desert

2 Nights in Desert

Khur, Biabanak, and Mesr are of the most known desert spots in Iran which are located in between Yazd and Isfahan (Khur & Biabanak is 300 km far from Yazd and 490 km from Isfahan). So, if you are traveling from Yazd to Isfahan or the other way around and would like to extend your trip to a more remote area of the desert it this desert tour is the right choice.
As going to Khur & Biabanak desert is quite a drive from either Yazd and Isfahan, so if planning to visit this desert you need to stay at least a night.

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Iran desert Tour
Kalut Desert

A Daily Trip – 1 night stay is also possibe

Kalut is the name of the different unique styles of the desert in Shahdad, 97 km far from Kerman. Behinburg Tour arranges an excursion day trip to Shahdad Kaluts. There while you are walking among Kaluts, you feel you are wandering around Mars or a Star Wars Hollywood stage. ”Gandom Beryan” or “the roasted wheat” is considered as one of the hottest places on the earth, is located in the vicinity of Kalut Desert in Shahdad.
If you are visiting Kerman, you can request a day or at least a half-day desert tour to Kalut desert.

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Iran desert Tour
Varzaneh Desert

1 Nights in Desert

Varzaneh is very close to you when you are in Isfahan, only 108 km away from Isfahan. On your way to Yazd. Various activities to experience aside from the stunning sandy desert in Varzaneh, such as visiting a beautiful vast Salt Lake, walking inside the historical houses with a remarkable architecture, take a look at the citadel of Ghoortan and pigeon tower. Don’t miss a surreal mixture of colors over the endless desert sky when the sun smoothly sets behind the golden dunes. Behinburg tours offer a night stay in Varzaneh, to taste real organic Persian cuisine.

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Iran desert Tour
Matinabad desert

A Daily Trip – 1 night stay is also possibe

Matin Abad Eco-Resort and Organic Farm is of the first eco-sustainable camp in Iran which located on your from Kashan to Isfahan and the other way around (172 km far from Isfahan and 68 km far from Kashan). In this tour besides exploring the desert by long walking on sand hills and watching the endless sky, you will have the chance to eat the organic food from its own farm and enjoy camel riding while you are feeling the heat of the sun on your skin. If you feel like having a night in desert Matinabad is a remarkable choice once you are in Kashan or Isfahan.

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Iran desert Tour
Maranjab Desert

2 Days Trip – 1 night stay

Maranjab desert is known as the bright desert in Iran. Maranjab and all beautiful assets such as Safavid caravanserai and the beautiful Salt Lake are located in between of Kashan and Tehran (272 km far from Tehran – 57 km far from Kashan). Anytime visiting Kashan, you can extend your visit to a day or two and visit the Maranjab desert. Night stay in the Safavid caravanserai is highly recommended. The touch of the sands on your fingers while walking barefoot on the sandhills and watching the dawn of the sun among the Tamarisk trees and sunset far away, behind the horizon of the Salt Lake and unforgettable desert night is very enjoyable.

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