While it is not possible to book any Iranian domestic transportation ticket including flight, train, bus, and ferry outside Iran and there are a few English booking systems other than Iran Air and there is no chance for accepting any foreign credit card for online ticket booking, Behinburg Travel Agency Team, hopefully, are able to book any kind of Iranian domestic transport including domestic flight, domestic train, domestic bus, and ferry ticket in the shortest possible time and with the most comparative price on your behalf in Iran.

Behinburg Tours can book any domestic flight for you in advance as space is often limited closer to the date of departure due to the flights being relatively cheap. In addition, booking Iranian domestic flights for tourists can be complicated because the payment must be done with Iranian credit cards.

Iranian Airline list

Domestic flights are very frequent and cheap between the major and touristic cities like; Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Ahvaz, Mashhad, and Kerman. From Mehrabad airport in Tehran, you can fly almost anywhere in Iran.
Traveling by plane makes your journey even easier and saves you lots of time and it lets you see more in Iran.

Travel By Train Around

Traveling by train in Iran is pretty cheap and reasonable, meanwhile, you receive a professional level of service. Prices are similar to so-called VIP (Single seat rows) bus tickets but comfort is much higher than any road transport especially on long trips. Due to the high volume of requests on traveling by train, advance booking is required. seats will be sold out even two weeks before departure so you need a trusted agency to arrange it for you and Behinburg Travel Agency will help you in this case. You can travel hundreds of kilometers with a first-class overnight train cheap and comfort especially for the most requested destinations such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman.

Travel By Train to these cities in Iran

Iran Bus Tickets

Traveling by bus in Iran is a brightened idea as it lets you get familiar more and more with the amazing landscape and it, of course, is so cheap to save you lots of budgets. In addition to its comfort and vast regular departures between all cities, there you will get in touch more and more with locals. Night Buses are available throughout the country and especially between major cities in Iran.
At Behinburg Tours, we book your Bus tickets and make your travel even easier.

Iran Ferry Tickets

Information on Ferry departures from/to Iran, update 2024. 

The geographical location of Iran has made it a unique destination capable of using a wide range of transportation. The sea borders on the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea have created important coastal cities and seaports such as Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Chabahr, Bandar Lengeh, Asaluyeh, etc. Connecting to the Indian Ocean and Oman Sea has made these cities suitable for ferry transport.

The following international routes are operating from Iran:

Ferries between Iran and some neighboring Arab countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are not in operation.

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Bank transfer payment with Behinburg Tours is possible, also cash payment is accepted if you are traveling to Shiraz, Iran.

Yes, we book any domestic transportation both for individual and group travelers.

Though Economy, first and business classes are available buying a flight ticket in Iran, but mostly you will have an economy seat in most Iranian domestic tickets. As domestic flights are short in time 0not more than maximum 2 hours) it does not really make a big deal between classes and the services you receive are not really much different.

Iran flight tickets are mostly sold as a “system ticket” or “chartered ticket”.
A system ticket is the scheduled ticket sold by travel agencies and it is fully refundable due to cancellation time and policy of airlines.
A chartered Ticket is the one mostly cheaper but not refundable.

Yes, of course. It is true that crafts used by Iranian Airlines are pretty old in a way due to imposed USA sanctions against Iran, but it does not mean flying in Iran is not safe. Thousands of travelers fly across Iran daily. Iran managed to renew some of the crafts after the nuclear deal in 2016 and some Boeing, Airbus, and ATR purchased to join jetliners.

The allowed cargo amount in Iran domestic flights may vary by airline, and flight class selected. On average 20 kg is allowed plus a handbag up to 7 kg.

It all depends on your days you have to visit Iran, for direct long distances like Tehran to Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kerman and alike. But If you plan to visit the Classical route of Iran from Tehran to Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz, driving in highly recommended as either there is no flight in between of some of these cities on one hand, and on the other hand most of the attractions are located in between of the cities and are of the main attractions to visit in Iran.

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