What Our Travelers Have to Say?

Dear Siavash,

We were very happy with the program in terms of variety and flexibility, especially that in Tehran we could visit some more sights given the fact that we both are culture oriented. We highly appreciated our driver, Ahmad. He always did his best for the safety and the technical side of our journey. We admired his driving skills highly above the average! With his cheerful personality and good sense of humor he made our journey even more enjoyable! 

Accomodation: All in All., it was all right but when getting from Tehran to Ramsar, it was like going from hell to heaven. The Ramsar Parsian Hotel was just perfect! But Hafez hotel in Tehran though it is very well located but putting tourists after a tiresome journey to the rear part of the hotel (and with non-European style toilet, as it was the case in one of the rooms) was a really bad idea: since the AC is centralized it was impossible to turn it off so we could hardly sleep at all becuase of the noise. Back to Tehranand the same hotel we got rooms in the front part of the hotel and they were much-much better. We really appreciated the Setareh hotel in Esfahan becuase of its location, the hotel in Zein od-Din and Yazd too, because of their style, originality and location. Ehsan House was also fine, but the breakfastrather insufficient. 

Thank you very much for organizing the tour, we really appreciated and will recommend your company to our friends. 

Erzsebet Magyar



We have been visiting Iran by Behinburg Tour & Travel Company, now for a week and we have been very impressed of how friendly the people are, how safe it is to travel around and how professional the folks are that helping us with this trip. We highly recommend them for your visit. Iran is a beautiful country with the phenomenal history, with fantastic food, great hospitality.

We traveled quite a bit; all over the world, this is being a fantastic trip for us.

Sergio – Lira


I really enjoyed my third visit to Iran. People are very friendly and the history of this country is full of great places. Isfahan has one of the most beautiful squares in the world and the domes of the mosques are of a special beauty. Of course, you need a good guide. Siavash is a real expert on Persian history and food. Don´t forget to eat Safran ice cream; it´s must!!! Of course, I´ll come back.


Pedro Brieger


After two guided trips in big groups I wanted get a feel of the country on a more personal level and came back to Iran with two friends and without a guide.

Behinburg helped to organize our visas and our trip and booked our airport transfers, domestic flight, centrally located hotels and the best seats in the buses between cities to travel around.

It was the perfect way to travel independently without having to worry about any logistics. 

Siavash and his team were always available for questions before and during the trip, replied quickly to any query and gave us valuable insights for our trip and daily activities.

I can highly recommend Behinburg and I’m sure this was not my last trip to Iran!


Mirjam Brander


We just discovered Iran from the hand of Behinburg and we love it. Don’t hesitate to visit this incredible country … Behinburg team are very professional and kind so trust me is one of the best options if you want to someone take care of hotel, transportation, etc.

For you…

Juan Carlos Sanchez


Dear Siavash,

On behalf of our small team, I’d like to thank you and all at Behinburg Travel for our really excellent 13-day Classical Tour of Iran – it far exceeded our expectations! All the organization and travel arrangements worked perfectly, the hotels were good, the minibus very comfortable and we really loved the food. Our special thanks must go to our excellent guides – Hanieh for our day in Tehran and then Maryam for the rest of the tour. Maryam’s organisational skills and lovely personality made a real impression, but so did her incredible depth of knowledge of all the sites we visited and her enthusiasm to share this with us. Mohsin, our driver, also stood out – always cheerful and helpful, a very careful and responsible driver and an incredible knowledge of our routes including in the various cities that we visited. We saw so much during the trip that it is impossible to name a single highlight; everyday there seemed to be an incredible new experience or site. Just to pick a few, we loved the Golestan Palace and bazaar in Tehran. Shiraz with the Eram Garden, Karim Khan castle, Vakil Hamam and Hafez Shrine was just beautiful. Persepolis was even more impressive than we had thought, with the detailed friezes taking us back 2,500 years. Pasargadae too was a magical location to visit. Yazd, with its important Zoroastrian sites was completely new for us, and Chak Chak also an incredible location. We loved the desert homestay at Garmeh, and being entertained in the evening by the mesmeric music of the owner Maziar Ale Davoud was incredible. Esfahan is of course world famous, but to explore the Naqsh-e-Jahan square and the palaces, gardens, mosques, the Armenian cathedral and old bridges was simply amazing. Abyaneh village high in the mountains was another incredible surprise, and Kashan with its 6,000-year-old Sialk Hills, Fin Garden, bazaar, Tabatabei house and the Masjed-e Agha Borzog continued the surprises. However, the one highlight that really stood out for us all was the incredible warmth and friendship of the Iranian people. We were greeted so many times, welcomed to Iran and asked to join in their photographs. Walking along the Zayandeh river in Esfahan on a Friday afternoon, when families were out enjoying the beautiful scenery, was an incredible experience – we were offered so many cups of tea and to share in their picnics! Once again, our thanks for an amazing trip with so many beautiful memories that we will treasure.

With best wishes,

Ian Hazelwood

United Kingdom

What Do I Think
about Iran

Iran is an absolutely beautiful country with an immensely rich history and country, of which the Iranians are very proud. It is a country un-spoilt by tourists, where a tourist still gets the feeling of being an honored guest instead of a walking ATM. The food is delicious and the hotels are excellent. The Iranians are extremely friendly and hospitable and interested in foreigners. In Iran you have a wide range of natural regions, ranging from cool mountains to hot deserts, from skiing to lying on a tropical beach. It is safe and modern and not in any way as presented in the Western media!

Margot Verkiak 


Magic Iran tour report

Dear Sir, Madam,

Me and my wife have been recently visited Iran with Behinburg, Magic Iran, 16 Days Tour, C-17/460, Tehran, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman and Shiraz, from August 28th to September 13th, 2017.It is our pleasure to inform you that we’ve appreciated very much the high-level standards of the services, starting from the two wonderful persons that has guided us in discovering Iran, to the hotels that were exactly the ones we’d booked. The guide, Mr Ashkan Shahsavari is a very high skilled professional, he speaks english very good, clear and effective, he has surprised us with his warm, friendly and likeable way of leading the tour without losing any professional skill, it’s important and it’s not usual.The driver, Mr Ahmad Farzampour, is a very high skilled professional too, he has driven safely for thousands of kilometers, from Tehran to Shiraz, on traffic congested streets in the towns as on the roads connecting the cities. He’s a very kind man, generous and willing.They both are “beautiful persons” and they have made us feeling at home.Thank you so much.

Best Regards.


Marcello Maccanti


Dear Siavash

Today I’ve received a phone call from my husband and together with his friends they would like to thank you very much for everything you have organized for them during itinerary. They are extremely satisfied for all the given services, professional suggestions etc. and (as already said) exceptional driver very kind, always on time during excursions and transfers and they have no words to say many many thanks. So, you have to find out something interesting to visit for next year……!!!!! Kind regards



Iran is part of Central Asia with a long history that dates from the time of the Babylonians and with the mention of its old name Persia, gives one the feeling of a very ancient place full of great history, mysterious and excitement.

It has vast land space and mountainous regions that makes one feel that there are still a lot of unexplored and less travelled yet beautiful places to visit, along with the historical treasures from the Silk Road era waiting to be discovered.    It is also the birth place of the Fire Temple and the flame
that is believed to have been kept burning for many hundreds of years as well
as the Alamut castle of the Assassins deep in the mountains are all prove of the rich ancient past that really did exist and not just fiction.  


Boon Why


Dear Siavash,

We two want to thank you once again for the organization of our trip in Behinburg, the two guys were simply perfect, they did their best to let us feeling well and Vahid is a very prepared guide.
we hope that everything now is going well, and hope to see you again.

Tiziana & Eugino Borgo


Our time in Iran has been wonderful. The western Iran itinerary we followed thanks to our tour agency “Behinburg”, With some great guidance by our wonderful driver guide, Mojtaba has taken us to some beautiful sights that we would otherwise not have seen. After we completed the western tour of Iran Agency prepared a classic tour of Iran itinerary and we decided to continue along the rest of our time in Iran with them. He is a great, safe competent driver, a very courteous gentleman. We couldn’t have seen all that was on offer by ourselves. He got us into places that only a local could, with the determination to give us a fabulous trip, such as a tour inside a troglodyte house, a local farm visit, ordering traditional Iranian dishes at restaurants just to mention a few.




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