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Tabriz is the gem of Eastern Azerbaijan, the largest and most populated city of western Iran. People in Tabriz speak Azeri Turkish and they have a close cultural tie with the neighboring countries. Green mountainous, rich culture, stunning mosques, churches, and fortresses, are some of the top tourist attractions in this city.
Tabriz Historic Bazaar was one of the most important commercial centers on the Silk Road. This 13th-century Historical Bazaar, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site consists of a series of covered, interconnected, and brick structures. Citadel of Tabriz, Magnificent Blue Mosque, Majestic Jameh Mosque, the 12th century St. Mary Church and the 9th century St. Stephanos Monastery, Tabriz’s Constitution House, and the mausoleum of the poet Shahriar are considered as the top things to do in Tabriz.

Tabriz Top Tourist Attractions to visit

Shah (EL) Goli Park

Blue Mosque

Azerbaijan Museum

The Iron Age Museum

Tabriz Grand Bazaar

Arg Alishah of Tabriz

ElGoli Pars Hotel


Shahriar International


Gostaresh Hotel


Tabriz Travel Guide

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