Iran Dress Code

So, what to pack for your trip to Iran?

DREssing Guide for Women

Iran holds many surprises for the visitors in different terms especially the clothing. It is true that women both local and tourists are required to wear a long coat or tunic with ¾ long sleeves – How Long? Simply Just look the photos – over their regular clothes and required to cover their heads with a scarf as a law in Iran but it is never true that all need to be in a dark color. Unlike what you might hear or read about dark colors, we should say Iranian women LOVE the colorful dress and they mostly wear them fashionably.

Iran Dress Code For Men: wearing short pants is not common in Iran, so you may not need them here in Iran.

Iran is a huge country, the social level varies from small towns to big cities, and the same with level of modernity. So, both women and men dress differently in different cities in Iran.

So, what to pack for your trip to Iran?

Well, first of all, you need to know a bit about weather in your traveling period, in addition with cities you are visiting. If you are heading to Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan you will see how modern the cities are so ready for it, but cities like Yazd, Mashhad are more conservative.


In visiting some of the holy shrines and mosques you might be asked to fully adhere to Islamic dress “to wear CHADOR” – a black or colored solid piece of fabric shield to wear on top of everything- in the holy attractions with such inquiry CHADOR is available to offer you.

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