Whether you are on a business or a leisure trip and need transfers from/to hotels, airports, tourist attractions, meeting places, or anywhere else, at Behinburg Tours we provide your designated services.
Behinburg Travel Agency also provides Car Rental Services at your request, all that you need to do is to share your traveling dates detail with us and let us what do you like to Drive, dare enough to drive in Iran? that’s the question.
In case you would like to experience driving on your own need to have your valid international driving license, and ID card on you. You are able to collect the car in one place and leave it in another location that is called one-way car rentals and is suitable for travelers who book their return flight in different cities.

Different Types of Transfers in Iran

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To bring your vehicle in you need a carnet de passage, an international document that covers the temporary admission of motor all vehicles. Travelers also must have a valid international driving license and be over 18 years of age. read more…

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