Hasht Behesht Palace

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Hasht Behesht is an amazing palace located in the middle of a beautiful garden in Isfahan that dates back to 1660 and was used as a residential palace. The structure of Hasht Behesht has an octagonal shape and it can be seen in various parts of the palace.
The two-story palace is built higher than the ground level. The walls of the first floor contain paintings and fascia architecture. The second floor contains some rooms, windows, and doors with amazing cachet designs. In the middle of the hall, there is a marble pool that is called the Pearl Pool.
Hasht Behesht palace was a house to the eight wives of king Shah Abbas. Four of them used to live on the first floor and the four others on the second floor. The artistic architecture and glorious design of the building will enchant you without a doubt.
During the hot days, the circulation of the air makes the palace cool and fresh because it is surrounding by water streams and beautiful trees and flowers which created a nice environment for residents. Reaching here by public transportation is possible by bus.

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Chahar Bagh e Abbasi, Isfahan,  Iran


(+98) 31- 3222 5958

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09:00am – 05:30pm

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