Si O Se Pol Bridge

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Si o Se Pol is one of the most famous historical bridges in Iran and it is considered a symbol of Isfahan city. To connect the northern and southern sides of the Zayandeh Rud to make Isfahan bigger, the construction of this bridge started in 1599 during the Safavid era (Shah Abbas l) and took 3 years. The bridge consists of 33 arches and that’s the reason to call it and that is why it is called Si o Se Pol in the Persian language. The bridge connects some parts of the city to the Armenian quarter, it is one of the 11 bridges on the Zayandeh Rud River and the longest one.
Si o Se pol is a great spot to meet locals and exchange with them. An evening out to walk along the river and catch the sunset at the bridges and most probably shooting photos makes your day.

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Enghelab Square, Isfahan,  Iran


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