Get to know more before you Travel to Iran. Most frequent questions about Traveling Iran

Everything about payment, money, and credit cards in Iran 

Iran’s official currency is Rial (IRR) that marked on the banknotes. However, most Iranians speak about prices in Toman. (1 Toman = 10 Rials).

There are private exchange offices even in the small cities called “Sarafi “where you can exchange money easily.

The best answer is NO. Although in some particular shops, you can purchase some items like carpets, handicrafts, and jewels by credit cards but generally, you cannot use your debit card for payments.

The answer is YES. You should change enough money to cover expenses that are not included in the tour cost, as well as enough for personal expenses. You may use Dollars and Euros when it comes to the purchase of handicrafts and carpets, as well as for tipping drivers and guides.

There is really no restriction on the amount of cash you can bring into the country, but a maximum of $6,000 is the total recommended amount. You will not be questioned about the amount of cash you bring in.

Surely Yes, at Behinburg Tours we offer debit cards, which ease your payment just like locals. You will top up the amount you wish to use in Iran to our bank account in Europe and we exchange the amount and deliver you an Iranian Debit Card upon arrival at the airport.
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In buying Carpets and other worthy items, most shops have an account outside Iran and you might be able to pay them through Bank transfers. they mostly have one old machine for which you need to have information including your bank card number buldged. The bazaar in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran are the best places to buy souvenirs.

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Everything about safety, traveling solo, and female travelers visiting Iran

The shortest and the best answer is a big YES. Iran is never ever like what is represented in the media. forget the propaganda and travel to Iran you will feel it so.

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Yes, most individual travelers from different nationalities Iran is one of the safest travel destinations in the middle east. backpackers feel very safe traveling Iran solo as Iranian from the traveler’s point of view is a very hospitable country.

Surely yes. Iran is one of the safest travel destinations in the middle east. also a majority of Iranian tourist guides are female and you can travel with them.

Yes for almost all nationals except for countries traveling independent and on your own to Iran is possible and you can take care of your own trip. The exceptions are Israel nationals who are not allowed to visit Iran, and American, British and Canadian citizens can only visit Iran having pre-arranged Iran travel package booked.

A big YES is your answer. No one asks and has the permission to ask about whether you are officially married or not and nobody will ask so.
You can travel all around the country, stay in the same room ad never ever no one asks for your kind of partnership.

YES of course. You can travel all around the country, stay in the same room ad never ever no one asks for your kind of partnership.

YES for sure. American, British and Canadian citizens can travel to Iran like other nationalities. the only difference is that they need to travel to Iran having an authorized Iranian travel agency e.g. Behinburg Tours host them with a pre-arranged travel package including a licensed guide, reserved accommodations, and driver.

  • Consuming alcohol and drug, selling and buying them is prohibited. Do not try to bring into the country.
  • Photography of military installations and government buildings is also prohibited.
  • According to Iran’s laws that are based on Islam, it is illegal to buy/eat pork, so pork meat is not available in Iran
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Everything about Internet Access, Telecommunication, Phone Calls in Iran 

In all hotels, WIFI internet is available, so whether you are staying in a traditional boutique or a five-star hotel internet is available mostly free and some places paid.

Instagram is the first most popular social media in Iran and Iranians are widely active on Instagram. you also have very easy access to WhatsApp, Viber, and other applications as such.

Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are filtered and you need a VPN proxy such as HotspotShield, VPNProxyMaster, SkyVPN (all available for free on google play and AppStore), or alike to get access to your account.
Just connect to an internet network; either WIFI or Cellular Data, turn on your proxy, and then have your access to them just like the way Iranian do.

YES, there is an international telephone service available like other countries known as rooming. so once in Iran, you can either use IR-TCI or Irancell; two local Iranian telephone company’s services. It may cost you more than regular but then you can receive and make calls, and use your cellular data to get access to the internet.

IR MCI, Irancell and RighTel are three main telephone companies in Iran. among the three we highly recommend buying a pay as you go sim card from Irancell widely available all around the country and of course in your gate city airport.
all that you need is your passport copy to get one registered and active. the sim comes in three formats of normal, mini, and micro size working with all kind of phones as smart or a regular one. you can easily top up your credit using recharge cards available at all supermarkets even.
Note: once traveling with Behinburg Tours, we always prepare one free for you and it is included in your travel services.

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All your questions about When, How, and where to travel to Iran

The best time to visit Iran is Springtime and that means late March till mid-June as the main high season and late August, September, and October are the best time to visit Iran.
Remark: Iran is neither never too cold nor too hot to travel to and having your traveling cities destinations in mind you might be able to travel to Iran anytime.

Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan are the must-visit cities for all the travelers visiting Iran for the first time. The trip. including these cities is called a classical trip to Iran. You may need a minimum of 9 days to cover this trip.

check a related tour package 

Traveling with an Iranian Travel Agency makes your trip organized and helps to enhance your experience in Iran. Traveling with a travel agency like Behinburg Tours, save you a lot of time and money as we offer a vast range of tours from Iran Budget Tour, Iran Group Tour, and Iran Private Tours.

Iran is a vast country with a four-season climate. Mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, hot and humid in the southern coast and in the southeast.
(Mar-Jun) Ideal temperatures in most of Iran with generally mild, clear weather. (Jul–Oct) Warmer weather in June and July. (Dec–Feb) Extreme cold, especially in the northeast and west.

First of all, having travel insurance is not obligatory in traveling to Iran unless you ask for a visa on arrival at the international airports in Iran. (this is not a written rule and not always applicable) on the other hand, if you have insurance at home and it covers you internationally that is enough and you can use it in Iran.
However, there are some Iranian insurance companies to provide travel insurance to travelers.

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Everything about Food, Drinks and Beverages in Iran

NOPE. Iran is a non-alcoholic country and there is no official shop or bars selling alcohol officially.

There are many non-alcoholic bears known as “Delester” with fruit tastes widely available in all restaurants and bars.

You have plenty of choices for eating. There are two main categories of the restaurant; the Persian restaurant offering all local Iranian foods and the Local Fast Foods.
Persian cuisine is very rich, and it mostly consists of rice in huge amounts or bread plus chickens and meat. There is no MacDonald or other worldwide fast foods in Iran but there are many locals offering very yummy meals.
Iran is also a very green country for vegetarians and they can serve themselves well enough in the restaurants.

Iranian are very coffee lovers and there are plenty of cafe shops and takeaway cafes all across the country. Cafe shops are a great place to exchange thought with Iranian youth.

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All your questions about Emergency Numbers and Electricity type in Iran

In case of any emergency, call 110, (112 and 911 redirect to 110 on mobile phones)
110, is the number of local Police center and the easiest way for any emergency help because it provides English speaking operators and local police have direct contact with other emergency services.

115 – Ambulances

125 – Fire and Rescue team

Iran has 220-volt electricity and the power plugs are type C or F, so your appliance should be dual voltage or designed for 220 volts unless you will need a converter. The frequency is 50 Hz.

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