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Iran is a vast country with a four-season climate. Mild and quite wet on the coast of the Caspian Sea, continental and arid in the plateau, cold in high mountains, hot and humid in the southern coast and in the southeast.
(Mar-Jun) Ideal temperatures in most of Iran with generally mild, clear weather. (Jul–Oct) Warmer weather in June and July. (Dec–Feb) Extreme cold, especially in the northeast and west

Best Traveling Months: March, April, May, August, September, October

Iran tourist visa is issued for the 30-day at any of Iranian Embassies, General Consulates, interest bureau, or any of International airports (VOA). All that you need for an Iran Visa is a colored scan of your passport, a colored scan of your recent portrait photo, and a visa application form. Iran’s visa is easy and quick.

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Iran’s official currency is Rial that marked on the banknotes. However, most Iranians speak about prices in Toman. (1 Toman = 10 Rials). There are private exchange offices even in small cities, which are called Sarafi where you can exchange money easily.

Toman is widely use every where.

The Standard time is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of GMT

GMT + 3:30 Tehran

International credit and debit cards such as master and visa do not work in Iran. Therefore, you need to bring enough cash or you can request a Tourist Debit Card from Behinburg Tours and use the Iranian national banking system that is safe and easy.

Order an Iran Tourist Debit Card

IRMCI and IRANCELL are two main telecommunication companies in Iran. You can easily buy Iranian SIM cards at the airport or special shops in every city. Ask the sales clerk to recharge your SIM card or buy you the internet package. If you travel with Behinburg Company, we give you a free SIM card with an unlimited internet package.

While you are traveling with Behinburg Tours, you are under internet coverage

Iran has 220-volt electricity and the power plugs are type C or F, so your appliance should be dual voltage or designed for 220 volts unless you will need a converter. Popular socket style in Iran is a two-whole one. Tap water is safe to drink and mineral water is available in every shop even the smallest cities. Meanwhile, tap water is safe to drink mostly everywhere, but mineral water in hotels is recommended.

220-volt electricity and the power plugs are type C or F

Call 110 for in any emergency cases, they will arrange any help needed.

SOS 110

Like many countries, tipping is common especially in restaurants, to the porters, drivers and guides. It is normal to give a tip of between 5% and 10%.

Tipping is common

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