Jameh Mosque of Yazd

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The Jameh Mosque is one prominent landmark in Yazd. If you are into old Islamic architecture or interested in decorative arts, here’s the place. The mosque is well situated and you can use it as a hub for any walking tour to the Old Town.

Yazd Jameh Mosque with its intricate mosaic patterns has some of the tallest minarets in Iran. The tallest minarets despite their unique beauty are a good guide of yours for your walking tours in the old texture of Yazd city as a World Heritage City of mud-brick constructed.
It can be a starting point of your walking tour to Fahadan district where other famous attractions in Yazd known as Fahadan county.
Seyed Roknodin Shrine’s Dome is a couple of minutes’ walk from the mosque which is located in the time square. Hotels like Silk Road, Orient, and Fazeli are all within minutes walking distance which despite accommodations they offer food and drinks. You will be astonished to get a panoramic view over the mosque and the area by getting access to any of the hotel’s roofs. Don’t miss the beauty of the sunset view on the mosque from a high point of view while in Yazd. There are lots of good coffee shops and restaurants of different types in this neighborhood where you can sit down, relax and enjoy.

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Jameh Mosque Street, Yazd,  Iran


(+98) 35-3621 3570

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08:00am – 09:00pm

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