Yazd city

Yazd one of the most traditional Iranian cities is the only UNESCO Heritage City of Iran that makes a golden triangle of Iran tourism along with Shiraz and Isfahan.
Yazd known as the largest mud-brick city in the world is also known as the city of wind towers is one of the driest major city of Iran where you can see life in a desert town and learn how people adapt with it by inventing Qantas (Underground water system), wind towers (Traditional Air-condition system), ice-houses and also using the unique architecture for building houses and gardens such as Dowlat Abad Garden which is a fine example of Persian Garden that is registered as a UNESCO Heritage Site, Lariha Historical House, Jameh Mosque Yazd an, etc.
Yazd is also the center of the Zoroastrian community because of having unique and holy places such as the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Chack Chak Temple, and Towers of the silence.

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