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Amir Chaghmagh Complex is one of the significant highlights in Yazd. Amir Chaghmgh Square widely known as Amir Chaghmagh complex consists of a mosque, Hosseinieh, a water reservoir, bazaar, bath that dates back to the 15 century is of the largest such structures in Iran. It’s always been an area for most social gatherings and religious activities. In this square, you can see a viewing platform with beautiful turquoise glazing on its walls dating to 700 years back. The best time to visit is in the afternoon before the sunset.
Amir Chaghmagh is truly the center of attention in Yazd; from the age of trading in caravanserai till today, it has been always in use by locals, traders, visitors, and the government.
Yazd as a World Heritage registered city is known for its tradition and simple life, which is clear to feel and see right there in must-visit attraction in Yazd, which is very well located and it is accessible by walk from most of the hotels in Yazd. As a visitor, you need almost a whole day for this area to start from the old texture of the city, visit bazaar where life is going, mosques, water museum and reservoir, wind catchers and many more and end your program by visiting Zurkhaneh, Iranian traditional gym. There you can sit down in one of the outdoor cafés, enjoying your time drinking coffee or just simply talking with friendly locals.

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