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When in Yazd, definitely take double care not to miss the Museum called “ Water Museum “. Being located in a real desert, getting water is the biggest challenge for the people in Yazd. In this museum, you will learn about the “Qanat” system which is one of the most ancient but amazing Persian Techniques that helps the subterranean water running on the ground.
Nowhere else than here may you give you a good sympathy of understanding people’s concern of keeping life going with water better than here. Water in the desert and especially in Yazd has a different meaning than what it means to us. Lots of business and social society levels were defined based on the access level to water. From “Qanat” down to “Icehouse” is the story of water in the desert. You might need half an hour to one hour time to visit the museum and it is very well located and close to other attractions in Yazd like Zurkhaneh, Amir Chaghmagh complex, and the bazaar.
The traditional lifestyle is nowhere else better on display than Yazd. Meet the locals and talk to them and feel how charming they are. A good place to get in touch is across the Water museum where the very famous Yazd confectionary shop is full of crowd.

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Jameh Mosque Street, Yazd,  Iran


(+98) 35-3626 8340

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08:00am – 02:30pm

03:30am – 07:00pm

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