Dowlat Abad Garden

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Dowlat Abad Garden is one of the magnificent Persian Gardens that is registered as a UNESCO Heritage site has the tallest windcatcher in Yazd. The main pavilion has a stunning octagonal Badgir (wind catcher) that is considered the tallest one in the world (34 m). There is a small pond full of water under it, a wind catcher leads the fresh air to the pavilion and the pond makes it cooler as a natural air condition.
The interior design is also magnificent, intricate latticework, plasterwork, and stained glass windows create an extraordinary peaceful atmosphere for the residents. A mud-brick wall surrounded the whole garden and a watchtower placed in the middle of the wall near the entrance. Beautiful large and old trees, sower orange blossoms, and rose flowers are eye-catching especially in a desert city like Yazd.
There is a coffee shop inside the Dowlat Abad garden where you can have a cup of coffee while you are enjoying the beautiful view.

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Iran Shahr Street, Yazd,  Iran


(+98) 35-3621 0871

Business Hours

07:00am – 11:00pm

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