Beauties of Caspian Sea tour

11 Days Tour of Iran

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Tour Route:

Tehran (152 KM Drive) Firuzkuh (182 KM Drive) Behshahr (60 KM Drive) Sari (171 KM Drive) Chalus (81 KM Drive) Ramsar (114 Km Drive) Rasht (64 KM Drive) Masuleh (223 Km Drive) Qazvin (189 KM Drive) IKIA 


Are you a nature lover? Beauties of the Caspian Sea is an Iran Tour Package to explore north Iran, especially the coast of the Caspian Sea for 11 Days. With this Iran Tour Package, you will start your journey in Tehran as your arrival city, then to two major cities of Sari and Rasht on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The most remarkable highlight of this Iran Tour Package is nature, the local culture, and great taste of locals foods as with Beauties of Caspian Sea you will travel to one of the most agricultural enriched regions in Iran. at Behinburg Tours we offer Beauties of the Caspian Sea to the returning visitors to Iran.

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Tour Itinerary

You will most likely arrive in Iran in the midnight or early morning of the following day according to the most international flight schedules heading to Iran. Most probably, your arrival should be in the next morning. This day will not be counted as one of your tour’s day, but we need to keep your room booked to rest upon arrival in Iran.

You had just left home to Iran

Hello Iran.
Arrival in IKIA, Tehran Iran.
You will be greeted at the airport by your guide and driver and transfer to your designated hotel. Have some hour rest and get ready to start exploring Iran from Tehran.
Walk along with the history in National Museum of Iran. Feel the society in person by walking in Tehran Grand Bazaar and visit the Golestan Palace Complex which is the house of amazing tile works. Can you imagine how big the biggest pink diamond in the world is? Find it out in Iran National Jewelry Museum.

Attractions: National Museum of Iran, The Golestan Palace Complex (Main Entry & Mirror Palace OnLy) , Treasury of National Jewels, Tehran Bazaar

Ready to leave Tehran and get to appreciate nature. Tangeh Vashi or the Savashi Gorge in Tehran is one of the most verdant areas in Tehran’s suburbs with really pleasant weather. The clean and fresh air, the cool breeze, the lake, and its pristine nature attract many tourists and nature enthusiasts to this area. One of the three famous epigraphs relating to the Qajar dynasty is located in this canyon.
Enjoy your stay in the hills of Damavand.

Attractions: Tangeh Vashi, Damavand

We are going to Behshahr, which literally means a great city. It includes many historical sites and the amazing nature is very fascinating. Behshahr is home to many famous Iranian figures ranging from actors to political figures. You visit Abbas Abad Lake and Safi Abad Palace today.

Attractions: Abbas Abad Lake, Safi Abad Palace

Good morning in Behshahr. The beautiful coast of Farah Abad is to visit in on our way to Sari. Also, we will visit the Salar Dareh Forst.
Arrive in Sari, check-in your hotel, and get ready to explore Bazaar of Sari.

Attractions: Farah Abad Coast, Salar Dareh Forest Park, Bazaar of Sari

Chalus City has a lot of natural tourist attractions including beautiful waterfalls, Parks, and a nice Lake (Chalus Lake). Today you visit Forest park Namakabrud and Chalus lakes.
Like to have a short hike around, let’s go.

Attraction: Chalus Lake, Namakabrud Lake

Ramsar is the heart of green lands in Iran with an amazing panoramic view of jungle covering mountains on one side and the Caspian Sea on the other side.
Ramsar is a popular sea resort for tourists. The town also offers hot springs, the green forests of the Alborz Mountains, and the Hotel Ramsar. Ramsar Cable Car Complex including cable car, seashore, restaurant, Coffee Shops, shopping center, Fun far, etc. The city was also a vacation spot for the Pahlavi the last Shah, who built a single-story marble palace in the city, which has since been turned into the Caspian Museum.
Ramsar was the vacation favorite location of the last King “Shah” in Iran.

Attractions: Ramsar Cable Car Complex, Caspian Sea

Sophisticated Rasht, it’s the largest, and wettest, a town in the north region. and we spend our day at the beautiful beach of the Caspian Sea in Rasht.
The Bazaar of Rasht is to visit where we can get in touch with locals and get to know more of them. In Rasht, you will taste amazing taste of Persian cuisine.

Attractions: Bazaar of Rasht, Caspian Sea 

Masuleh is one of the most popular traditional villages in the north of Iran. It is surrounded by all the wonderful attractions of Gilan Province. In addition to the great weather and superb natural beauty of the village, what attracts most of the tourists to Masuleh is its peculiar rural architecture. Houses are painted in a yellow-brownish color. The village is built on a hill so steep that the roof of one house is the pathway for the next. You can actually climb on any roof of any house and take the best picture with the best perspective.

Attractions: Masuleh Village

Continue your way to Qazvin city and visit one of the oldest cities of Iran where so many historical and political events were taken place there. Qazvin or Caspian as it once called. Chehel Sotoon Palace and Masjed Al-nabi (Soltani Mosque), Great Bazaar, and the Museum of Qazvin are to visit today.
Don’t forget the typical dish in Qazvin “Gheimeh Nesar” Qeema is an Iranian stew (khoresh) consisting of mutton, tomatoes, split peas, onion, and dried lime.

Attractions: Chehel Sotoon Palace, Masjed Al-nabi, Bazaar, Museum of Qazvin

Have you ever wanted to know about the infamous Castel of Alamut? An impenetrable place was under the leadership of Hasan-i Sabbah, became the site of intense activity for the Shi’a Nizari Isma’ili, along with a smaller subgroup known as the Assassins, between 1090 and 1256 AD. Discover the mysteries of long-lost past by visiting the Assassin Castle.

After visiting the Assasin Castle in the morning, continue to IKIA and get some hours rest before taking a flight to back home.

Attractions: Assasin Castle

Either you stay in a hotel in IKIA (Imam Khomeini International Airport is located 50 KM outside Tehran) or Tehran city, we will help you with an airport transfer.
Say goodbye to Iran land of hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again.
Remember to share the experience of your Iran tour with Behinburg Tours with us and your friend.

You are going Home.

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