Who is Ahmad?

Ahmad is an English Speaking-Driver who knows Iran very well, he drives safe and careful. He knows good enough of tourist’s likeness and always does his best to make you trip even more memorable. Though he is not a tourist guide he steps in every single spot you with you unless you may not want him to accompany. Most of the tourists like his choices of food for the time they are traveling with him as he loves food. So, with him, you will taste a great collection of Persian Cuisine.

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Why Travel with Ahmad?

Save up to 20 %

Once traveling with Ahmad as you don’t pay for a tourist guide, so you face up to 20 % deduction of the total cost of a trip

More Independency

Changes are possible. Though the trip is organized in advance you can feel free and pay attention to more of what you like to do with him.

Travel Photo

Ahmad knows very well how to shoot the camera and he leaves you a good photo gallery of your Iran trip.

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Iran Tailor-made Trips are to provide you the chance to create your own journey to Iran. if you know what you like to do and have prepared the trip in your mind, share it with Behinburg staff, we help with organizing your trip. Ahmad can be your driver along the trip to help to have a better experience in visiting Iran.

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