West Iran Tour

16 Days Tour Package of Iran

Tour Route:

Tehran (200 KM Drive) Alamut (67 KM Drive) Qazvin (224 KM Drive) Masuleh (212 KM Drive) Ardabil (227 KM Drive) Tabriz (299 KM Drive) Takab (172 KM Drive) Zanjan (285 KM Drive) Sanandaj (137 KM Drive) Kermanshah (354 km drive) Dezful (151 KM Drive) Ahvaz (537 KM Drive) Tehran


Giving Iran another visit? You have been to Iran before but fell like to visit Iran again, well you are in the right place. Most visitors to Iran visit the classical route of Iran including Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan on their first visit. But Iran is an enriched and large country that you can return for the second or even a third visits. Iran Travel PackageWest Iran Tour” is operated by Behinburg Tours and offered as your first choice for returning visitors. By West Iran Tour you will visit every must-visit attractions and cities in West Iran. West Iran is home to two diverse Iranian tribes who offer you different cultures, history and vast ranges of Persian local cuisine. Iran Travel Package, West Iran Tour also takes you the World Heritage Attractions in west Iran as Takht-e Soleyman and Chogha Zanbil Temple.

Tour Itinerary

You will most likely arrive in Iran in the midnight or early morning of the following day according to the most international flight schedules heading to Iran. Most probably, your arrival should be in the next morning. This day will not be counted as one of your tour’s day, but we need to keep your room booked to rest upon arrival in Iran.

You had just left home to Iran

Hello Iran.
Arrival in IKIA, Tehran Iran.
You will be greeted at the airport by your guide and driver and transfer to your designated hotel. Have some hour rest and get ready to start exploring Iran from Tehran.
Walk along with the history in National Museum of Iran. Feel the society in person by walking in Tehran Grand Bazaar and visit the Golestan Palace Complex which is the house of amazing tile works. Visiting the exterior of Azadi Tower as a symbol of Tehran

Attractions: National Museum of Iran, The Golestan Palace Complex (Main Entry & Mirror Palace OnLy) , Tehran Bazaar

In north Tehran with a different feeling of more modern Iran including visiting the Saadabad Palace Complex, where is home to different palaces and museums from Shah’s time (The King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi). Darband valley is just next to it, a place to eat and feel society in person. A great panoramic view over the city of Tehran, from one of the tallest towers in the world, Milad Tower. You will enjoy an evening walk on Nature (Tabiat) Bridge.

Attractions: Saadabad Historical Complex (White & Green Palaces Only), Milad Tower, Darband Valley, Tabiat Bridge

Ready to explore Iran, let’s start.

Have you ever wanted to know about the infamous Castel of Alamut? An impenetrable place was under the leadership of Hasan-i Sabbah, became the site of intense activity for the Shi’a Nizari Isma’ili, along with a smaller subgroup known as the Assassins, between 1090 and 1256 AD. Discover the mysteries of long-lost past by visiting the Assassin Castle.

Enjoy your local stay there.

Attractions: Alamut Castle

Continue your way to Qazvin city and visit one of the oldest cities of Iran where so many historical and political events were taken place there. Qazvin or Caspian as it once called. Chehel Sotoon Palace and Masjed Al-nabi (Soltani Mosque), Great Bazaar, and the Museum of Qazvin are to visit today.
Don’t forget the typical dish in Qazvin “Gheimeh Nesar” Qeema is an Iranian stew (khoresh) consisting of mutton, tomatoes, split peas, onion, and dried lime.

Attractions: Chehel Sotoon Palace, Masjed Al-nabi, Bazaar, Museum of Qazvin

Masuleh is one of the most popular traditional villages in the north of Iran. It is surrounded by all the wonderful attractions of Gilan Province. In addition to the great weather and superb natural beauty of the village, what attracts most of the tourists to Masuleh is its peculiar rural architecture. Houses are painted in a yellow-brownish color. The village is built on a hill so steep that the roof of one house is the pathway for the next. You can actually climb on any roof of any house and take the best picture with the best perspective.

Attractions: Masuleh Village

Time to have an enjoyable drive from the coast of the Caspian Sea to one of the most beautiful routes “Heyran George” that takes you to Ardabil. Sheikh Safi al-din Ardabili’s Shrine is the most important highlight in Ardabil. Ardabil is best known as the birthplace of the eminent religious leader visit Sheikh Safi Al-Din (1251-1334) from whom the Safavid dynasty was descended.

Attractions: Sheikh Safi al-din Ardabili’s Shrine

Tabriz is historical capital the largest city in the northwest of Iran, and the center of the country’s Azeri community and stands as one of Iran’s most enthralling urban destinations. It’s famed for its wealth of cultural sites and a long history of nearly 5 millennia. one of the UNESCO World Heritage attractions is Bazaar of Tabriz that is one of the most important commercial centers on the Silk Road situated in the middle of Tabriz. you will be visiting the Blue Mosque, Cemetery of Iron Age, Azerbaijan Museum, Shahgoli (El Goli) Park on this day.

Attractions: Bazaar of Tabriz, Blue Mosque, Cemetery of Iron Age, Azerbaijan Museum, Shahgoli (El Goli) Park

A day to respect of the oldest churches in the world. The UNESCO World Heritage attractions are to Visit. In the morning we will go to Jolfa and enjoy the landscapes. once in Jolfa visit St. Stephanos Monastery. later drive to Qareh Kelisa “The Black Church” and visit St. Thaddeus Monastery.
Return to Tabriz next and have your night there.

Attractions: St. Stephanos Monastery, St. Thaddeus Monastery (Qareh Kelisa )

Kandovan is a touristy village and its fame is due to its special cone houses which are carved inside rocks. The houses do indeed look like beehives as they are all triangular in shape. there are three villages like this in the world; the other two are in the United States and Turkey. But it is the only one of its kind that still has people living in its houses.
You will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Takht-e Soleyman or “Throne of Solomon” the holiest shrine of Zoroastrianism and the former Sassanid Empire. It is located near the modern town of Takab, West Azarbaijan in Iran.

Attractions: Kandovan Village, Takht-e Soleyman

Leaving to Zanjan to visit Soltanieh Dome, Octagonal building in Azari Style. There to see the amazing Soltanieh Dome as one of its greatest in brick style with all its glaze tile and stucco work.

In Zanjan also to visit Rakhtshoykhaneh Musuem.

Attractions: Soltanieh Dome, Rakhtshoykhaneh Musuem

Heading to the Kurdish regions of Iran, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah. You are going to Sanandaj Enjoy a unique experience of exploring Iran during this tour as you visit Abidar Regional Park, Asef Vaziri Monument, Sanandaj Central Mosque, Historical bridge, and enjoy local food in the Bazaar of the city.
Kurdish Locals have their own dress code and you’ll see plenty of men wearing traditional cummerbunds and baggy Kurdish trousers as well as women.

Attractions:Abidar Regional Park, Asef Vaziri Monument, Sanandaj Central Mosque, Historical bridge, Bazaar 

We go Bistoun Historical Complex which is like a museum to show the hierarchy of the Persian Empire. Darius the Great’s most important inscriptions are in Boston.
Arrive in Kermanshah and have your evening relax.

Attractions: Anahita Temple, Bistoun Historical Complex

Do you enjoy the natural landscapes of the mountains, it is the time for enjoying it. We are going Khuzestan, also whereof the oldest inhabitant of Iranian Plateau were living there the Elamites.
On our way there we will have a breaking stop in Khoramabad to visit Falokolaflak Citadel – an anthropology museum now.
We will Go to the great Khuzestan and stay in our hotel in Dezful and get ready to explore more of the Persian history the following day.

Attractions: Falokolaflak Citadel

Elamites were of the first inhabitants in the Iran Plateau even before the arrival of the Arians who later founded the Persian Empires. Today is has been planned to take you to visit the very depths of Iran’s ancient history and Iranian culture. You will travel back in time to Iranian ancient civilizations even before central governments. Three World Heritage UNESCO sites are to visit the Shooshtar Historical Hydraulic System, ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat, and Apadana Palace and museum in Susa. You will visit the Tomb of Daniel the prophet before leaving to Ahvaz.
Don’t miss the sunset at ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat which is amazing.

Attractions: Shooshtar Historical Hydraulic System, ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat, Apadana Palace, Susa Museum

Last but not the least, is this day, as you are going back to Tehran to spend your last day in Iran. have your breakfast in your Ahvaz hotel and get ready to take about an hour’s flight to Tehran.
You will be arriving in Tehran in the midday time, to be able to leave your luggage in your hotel Tehran and have some hours on your own there.
Feel like getting in touch more with people, there are many cafes on Enghelab Ave is close to Tehran University.
Pack your bag and get ready to transfer to IKIA for your departure flight.
Have a safe journey back home and look forward to seeing you again.

Attractions: choice is yours

Either you stay in a hotel in IKIA (Imam Khomeini International Airport is located 50 KM outside Tehran) or Tehran city, we will help you with an airport transfer.
Say goodbye to Iran land of hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again.
Remember to share the experience of your Iran tour with Behinburg Tours with us and your friend.

You are going Home.

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