Tabatabaei Historical House

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Tabatabaei Historical House is one of the most glorious traditional houses of Kashan and even Iran that was built about 150 years ago. Its unique Iranian architecture and decoration fascinate you for hours. This house consists of 40 rooms, 4 yards and basements, 3 Badgir (wind Cather), and 2 Qanats (water reservoir) that all built specifically according to the desert climatic and conditions.
You can see a legendary bird Homa (Sphinx) in the different parts of the Tabatabaei house, devoted to the owner’s wife, whose name was Homa.
In the outer space, there is an alcove (Shah Neshin), a large hall with glories decoration such as mirror work, painting, and plasterwork plus some nice and colorful windows that are called “Orosi“.
Every window, every corner, and every floor is full of beauty and history. Tabatabaei House is a must-see place in Kashan.

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Alavi Street, Kashan Iran


(+98) 31- 5522 0032

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09:00am – 05:30pm

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