Agha Bozorg Mosque

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Agha Bozorg’s historical Mosque that was built in the late 18th century is the most famous mosque and a popular tourist attraction in Kashan. You can see the unique Iranian architecture and its elements such as a central courtyard, pool in the middle of it, wind towers, porches, etc. You can take amazing photos in this beautiful mosque even at night.

There is a theological school (Madrasah) in the center of the mosque but downstairs where students have designated rooms to live.
The mosque consists of four porches decorated with calligraphy and tilework, two magnificent minarets, a huge brick dome designed by various verses of the Quran around it, and a stunning Mihrab. Mihrab is a well-decorated niche that indicates the direction of the Mecca to prayers.
Agha Bozorg Mosque located in the heart of Kashan close to the most famous tourist attractions of the city such as BorujerdihaTabatabaei, and Ameri historical houses, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and many more.

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Fazel Naraqi Street, Kashan Iran


(+98) 31- 5530 2010

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09:30am – 07:00pm

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