Chehel Sotoun Palace

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Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) is an amazing palace located in a beautiful garden in Isfahan. The palace is an architectural masterpiece, the garden is a fine example of a Persian garden that was completed in 1647, and now it is a UNESCO heritage site.
The name of Chehel Sotoun palace was derived from the twenty wooden columns placed to support the entrance palace, and when you look at the reflection of these columns in the pool, it is appeared to be forty.
The Chehel Sotoun palace contains many frescoes that display special historical scenes such as the battle of Chaldiran against the Ottoman Sultan Selim II in 1514 and Nadir Shah’s victory against the Indian Army at Karnal in 1739 or celebrations of joy and life in traditional Persian miniature styles that give us unique information about people costumes and traditions.

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Sepah Streeet, Isfahan,  Iran


(+98) 31- 3222 0181

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