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Persepolis is a top attraction to visit in Iran which is standing for more than 2500 years as the capital of the Persian Empire which was used as the ceremonial city to celebrate the Persian New Year; Nowruz.
Places dedicated to the Persian Empire king like Darius, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes are of the most visited sights. Apadana Palace is the largest one there and of course, the Eastern stairways of this palace are the most important highlight to visit as it describes how the Persian Empire king was celebrating Norowz with the nation’s delegations there.
Persepolis is surely on the top wishing list of travelers visiting Iran. The world heritage registered Persepolis is almost always on everyone’s list visiting Iran regardless of the reason or days to visit Iran.
Persepolis the must-visit activity to visit while in Shiraz is less than an hour drive from Shiraz and it is covered in most of the city tours. It is easy to spend a day there but the minimum is three hours. Eating, Drinking, and sleeping (hotel & internet) is available within the distance of 5 minutes’ walk.
An overnight visit is not allowed in Persepolis, but if you are interested in having a night view and enjoy the sunset there which is amazing you can stay the night in the hotel nearby and have the best photos early in the morning.

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