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Pasargadae is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iran and a must-see on every tourist’s itinerary. This historical tourist attraction located in the south of Iran, 2 hours far from Shiraz city and only 1 hour away from magnificent Persepolis.
Pasargadae was the capital of Persia and the world’s largest multinational empire known as the Achaemenid Empire, founded in the 6th century BC by Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, and the king of kings. This UNESCO World Heritage site contains a number of colossal structures each serving as a testament to the ingenuity of Ancient Persia society and culture.
What brought Pasargadae its historical immortality and sets it aside from any other landmarks associated with past kings and kingdoms, is that this place was the throne of such a rightful monarch who did not just pay lip service to his messages of peace, unity, equality, and multiculturalism (i.e., Cyrus Cylinder), but actually did work to the advantage and profit of his subjects. The Four Gardens type of royal ensemble (Known as Persian garden), which was created in Pasargadae became a prototype for architecture and design.
Pasargadae is an exceptional witness to the Achaemenid civilization. The vast Achaemenid Empire, which extended from the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt to the Hindus River in India.

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