Kerman City

Kerman City

 Kerman is one of the main touristic cities in the country with a long and rich history.

Kerman has many historical and natural site, which are incredibly beautiful and unique. Lut Desert that is the most famous natural UNESCO heritage site in Iran with its extraordinary Kaluts is a must-see attraction in Kerman. Arg-e Bam (Bam Citadel) is another UNESCO heritage site you should not miss. The best time to visit Kerman is March and June.

Kerman Travel Guide

Ganjali Khan Complex

Ganjali Khan Complex located in the heart of Kerman close to the Grand Bazaar of the city. This Complex is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Kerman where you can see the local community, praise historical monuments, buy your daily routine or souvenir, and enjoy the unique Persian architecture.

Golestan Palace

Milad Tower

Kerman Photo Gallery

Top Kerman Restaurant

Kerman Travel Guide

• Kerman is connected to the railway network of Iran. It is connected to Tehran, Qom, Kashan, Yazd, and Mashhad. There is daily train to Tehran (about 13 hours) via Yazd, Kashan, and Qom.
• Kerman International Airport (IATA: KER) has regular flights to the major and smaller cities in the country. The cities such as Tehran (3-4 flights per day), Isfahan (one flight per week), Zahedan (one flight per week), Mashhad (two flights per week), Kish Island (two flights per week) and Shiraz.
• Kerman is connected to most parts of the country by bus. Kerman’s new Bus terminus named Adineh and located only 10 minutes far from the city center. Buses run to all cities such as Bam (3 hours), Bandar-e Abbas (8 hours), Tehran (15 hours), Mashhad (16 hours), Esfahan (12 hours) and Yazd (6 hours).
• Freeways connect Kerman to Tehran (990km), Yazd (360 Km), Kashan (940), Bandar Abbas (600 km), Shiraz (600 km), and Mashhad (920) km.
• Emergency services
• Police: 110
• Fire Assistance: 125
• EMS: 115
• Road EMS: 115 or 112

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