Saadabad Palace Complex

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Saadabad is a cultural and historical complex located in the northern part of Tehran inside a vast and beautiful garden. The complex contains 18 palaces that belonged to the Qajar and Pahlavi royal families.
The Qajar monarchs built some part of the complex in the 19th century and Pahlavi kings add different parts during the time they lived there until it turned to the museum after the revolution in 1978.
The Green palace is the most famous place in Saadabad Historical Complex which is a two-story building. The most interesting part of Green Palace is the mirror hall that is designed with a stunning and huge carpet woven in Mashhad.

Mellat Palace Museum known as White Palace is the largest mansion in Sadabad Complex that was built in 1932. It was used as a summer residence of the second king of the Pahlavi dynasty and queen Farah.

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Taheri St., District 1, 

Tehran, Iran


(+98) 21-2275 2031

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Monday – Saturday:
09:00am – 06:00pm

Other Popular Museums in Saadabad Historical Complex

  • Fine arts Museum: a collection of oil paintings of Safavid, Afshar, Zand, and Qajar era.
  • Male Traveler: wearing short pants are not common and you don’t need them in Iran, anything else is fine.
  • Abkar Museum: a collection of miniatures painted by a 20th-century artist called Klara Abkar.
  • Mir Emad Museum: a collection of calligraphy belong to the 10th – 19th centuries.
  • Museum of anthropology: it shows the Iranian lifestyle and customs through history.
  • Water Museum: an exhibition of the traditional technique and tools for saving and distributing water.
  • Military Museum: an exhibition of military uniforms and weapons from ancient times to the present.

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