Shah-e Cheragh Shrine

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Shah-e Cheragh shrine is one of the top three holy shrines and one important attraction to visit when in Shiraz. Sheh-e Cheragh literally means “King of light” is a title given to the older brother of Imam Reza the eight Shiite Muslim buried in Mashhad, Iran.

We recommend you to visit Shah-e Cheragh not only to get to know about Muslim’s pilgrimage visits and the way they appreciate their sacred personals but rather is the matter of the artwork and all the eye-catching arts and elements used in beautifying the shrine.

Women and men are checked at the entrance not to carry big bags, professional cameras, and staff like this. The depository is available at the entrance.
Women are required to adhere to the Islamic Code of “Chador” available at the entrance of the shrine.
There are multi entrances to the shrine, remember which one you are using.
From the corner of the yard of the shrine, you have an access to one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz known as “Atiq Mosque

An evening visit is recommended to the shrine. Shah-e Cheragh shrine is reachable by walk from Zandiyeh Complex, Vakil Bazaar, and Nasir Al-Mulk mosque. Don’t miss this attraction in Shiraz, it is a must.

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Lotf Ali Khan Zand St, Shiraz, Iran


(+98) 71-3213 1368

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Open 24 hours 

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