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Narenjestan Qavam, also Known as Qavam house is one of the most impressive sightseeing in Shiraz. Narenjestan as the name refers to Orange Garden, that’s why it is known as Narenjestan garden located at almost the end of Lotfali Khan Street which is accessible by crossing Vakil bazaar to back end and by walk from Shahecheragh Holy Shrine and Nasir Al Mulk Mosque. The garden is known for its amazing tile work in the yard and excellence of mirror work (used as decoration inside the house) and the painting in the ceiling. The pattern used in the painting is a mixture of Persian and European scenes which is widely used in almost all Qajar Constructed monuments in Iran.

Qavam was a noble family in Shiraz who constructed their house following the common style in Qajar era in two different building Qavam house or “Bironi” used for men and Zinat Al Molk as “Bironi” used for women which were connected through an underground corridor. Both buildings today are open to visit for travelers and turned to museums. At the basement of Narenjestan Qavam House, there is a museum inherited from Professor Pop and Zinat Al Molk is a museum of fame of Fars.

Undoubtedly Narenjestan Qavam is an attraction you should not miss while in Shiraz. Café and restaurants are nearby and if you are staying in traditional hotels in Shiraz you are so close.

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