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Tochal Ski Resort



Tochal Ski Resort consists of many recreational and sports facilities located in Velenjak, north of Tehran. Beautiful landscape, Mountain fresh air, many sweet water springs adds to freshness of the complex. Its Telecabin with a length of 7500 m is one of the longest connected Telecabin lines in the world according to the certification of the Telecabin constructor (Poma Company).It was set to build in 1974 and has been open to the public since 1978.The Tochal Telecabin consists of 3 main lines and the total of 4 chairlift and tbars lines.There are 6 main stations and 8 small stations.The telecabin begins from end of Velenjak St. in Shemiran area in north of Tehran, at the altitude of 1900 m, and ends at the seventh station at the altitude of 3740 m.The gondola lift has four stations:Station 1 is at an elevation of 1900 m, and located at the beginning of Velenjak valley (end of Velenjak Street). In this station, parking, inns and some other facilities are available.Station 2 is at an elevation of 2400 m. and has very limited facilities.Station 5 is at an elevation of 2935 m. There is a restaurant and a rescue center in this station. Station 5 is in the middle of one of the ski slopes. This station is also accessible through several climbing paths like Shirpala shelter, Osoon valley and Palang-chal shelter.Station 7 is at an elevation of 3740 m. It is the closest and the last station of the gondola lift to the Tochal main ridge. This station is in the middle of the Tochal ski slope. A 30-minute walk from this point is the main Tochal peak. This station is also reachable from Hezar-cham climbing path from Station 5.In Station 7, located the main ski slopes.The peak slope is started from the foot of Tochal (at 3850 m) and ends in the hotel (at 3550 m). With the length of 1200 m is a very suitable slope. There are one Doppelmayr chairlift and one teleski improvised in this ski slope. Also in this ski slope Half Pipe does exist.Western Foothill: This slope is located on the western foothill of the Tochal Mountain and it has unique views of the surrounding spectacular mountains. The length of the ski slope is 900 m, the peak having 3,750 m height, and its lowest spot (Tochal Hotel) is 3550 m high. And it has a Poma chairlift. 

  • Other Activities in Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal complex provides plenty of sports and recreational facilities very close to Tehran including: An Snowboard Park, 6 Tennis Courts, An Archery club ( It provides every equipment needed to shoot darts and archery for men and women at any age as an entertainment or professionally.),  A Bungee Jumping club (The club was the first club jumping in Iran, including the 40-meter platform to fly above Tehran.), Walking, hiking, and Mountaineering (Walking path length of 2000 meters from the main parking and leads to the first station for those who are interested in fresh mountain air,Hiking route starting from the first station continuing to the Tochal peak for Mountaineering.), skate club, 5D roller-coaster Simulator , “Baam-E-Tehran”( On first station is "Baame Tehran" which means Roof of Tehran, since you can have a panoramic view of the city under your feet.).

ski-equipments Ski Equipments 

The best brands of ski and snowboard equipment  are available to rent  inside the complex . Also  instructors and an experienced guide who can take you off-pist does exist in the area to hire.

transporatation How to Get to Tochal Ski Resort? 

From Tehran:

  • As Tochal complex is the closest ski resort to Tehran(about 3 km from Tajrish Sq.), there is a good option for those who like to have one day ski tour so we highly recommend to book a tour to go there.
  • It is possible to take taxi or drive from all part of Tehran to Chamran Highway, Velenjak St. to the entrance  of Tochal complex. 

hotel Where to Stay? 

»Tochal Hotel 5* with its unique land scape located in the altitude of 3545m and there is one of the highest mountain hotels of the world which is located inside the Tochal Comlex. It serves the ski lovers about 7 to 8 months of the year.It has 30 rooms , 5 single rooms, 17 doble rooms, 4  normal suits, and 4  suits with special view . All of the rooms located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel.

food-resturants Food & Eating 


Inside the Tochal complex there are 10 restaurants to offer both Iranian and foreign foods (one in the 5th station, another one in the 7th station).

There are 14 stalls offering fruit juices and drinks and 3 coffee shops that will welcome you warmly.

resort- Tochal Ski Resort 

working-days Working Days   


Tochal complex welcomes all ski lovers from all around the world seven days of the week:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 08.30AM to 13.00PM (All the lines and stations evacuated to station one)

Thursday 08.30AM to 14.00PM (Night gondola  from station 1 up to station 2 can be used until 19.00pm)

Friday 07.00AM to 14.00PM   (Night gondola  from station 1 up to station 2 can be used until 19.00pm)

  • Ski Season of Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal ski slopes works about 7  months of the year (from November to April) although it depends on the snow.

Contact-Service-Avaliability Contact Service Availability

There is full mobile network coverage of all Iranian operators and Wi-Fi coverage inside hotel.

getting-out-good-bye Getting Out & Good Bye

To Tehran:

You can take taxi from the entrance to all part of the city. (There is special taxi services from station one to the entrance as well.)


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